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Crew Scheduling at the time of notification from Scheduling. Very good info and very well explained. Can invest in mind if the long the call obligated to. An option is a security, just like a stock or bond, and constitutes a binding contract with strictly defined terms and properties. As with any search engine, we ask that you not input personal or account information.

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Options Animal provides, so much so I am considering migrating from a mix of stock investor and options trader to a pure options trader given the risk management and increased trade success taught at Options Animal.

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The buyer will suffer a loss equal to the price paid for the call option Alternatively if the price of the underlying security rises above the option strike price the buyer can profitably exercise the option.

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This is easier than it sounds, similar to the way you would borrow money to pay for a house or a car, you can borrow money from the exchange to pay for long commodity option trades.

If you are not an experienced investor, initially you will only be granted permission by your online brokerage account to write covered calls and maybe sell put options.